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Insurance Products


Each individual's lifestyle and needs are different from the next person's. Our personal insurance products offer a broad range of benefit options for employers and employees, and many can help the rising cost of health care. Our products include Disability, Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, Hospital Confinement, and Life Insurance.


Benefit Counseling


Colonial Life's traditional one-to-one enrollments offer the most employee engagement and best opportunity for decision-making support. We do this by educating and counseling your employees on their benefit needs, we come to your worksite and spend one on one time meeting with each employee and enrolling them through our own enrollment technology platform, Harmony.


We also have Co-browsing, self-enroll, and Group meeting capability. All powered by Harmony



Whichever enrollment option best fits your business needs, the web-based technology that powers them all is our simple-to-use Harmony enrollment system. This system features online and offline capabilities.

Harmony provides everything you need to have a successful enrollment, including streamlined enrollment of all your benefits - core and voluntary, clear communication, customizable reporting tools, and ongoing enrollments

Colonial Life is a market leader in providing benefits solutions in one neat package: excellence in communications, enrollments, service, and personal insurance products and services that make benefits count for employers and their employees alike. Colonial Life is headquartered in Columbia, S.C. and was founded in 1939.

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